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Sewer Rodding

East Dundee Sewer Rodding

If your sinks and showers are draining slowly or backing up, you probably have a sewer line blockageSewer blockages can also cause toilets to overflow, resulting in water damage.

Soap, grease, hair, and other organic matter can accumulate over time, creating a sludge mixture that blocks water flow. This sludge catches more matter as it moves by, restricting pipes more and more over time until a full blockage occurs. Blockages can cause substantial damage if water backs up and floods a bathroom, kitchen, or basement.

Rodding is used to clear blockages from sewer systems to allow water and waste to move through once again. Sewer rodding involves inserting a specialized flexible metal cable into the pipe. The cable has mechanical teeth-like spikes that spin to grind up whatever is causing the blockage. The small ground up pieces are then pushed through the pipe with water to completely clear the obstruction.

Different types, sizes, and lengths of rods can be used depending on the nature and location of the blockage. A professional plumber will be able to determine which style of rodding equipment should be used to effectively remove the problem.

Unlike using a drain snake, sewer rodding should only be done by experienced professionals to avoid causing damage to the sewer line. If your sewer needs rodding to clear a blockage, call us today! We’ll remove the blockage to get your plumbing working again while providing professional East Dundee sewer line repair service at a competitive price.

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