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Why is My Toilet Singing?

Homeowners sometimes describe a “singing” noise coming from their toilet. This whining sound occurs when water is restricted as it tries to enter the toilet, which can be the result of a few different issues or malfunctions. The simplest fix is a partially closed valve. Check the shut off valve for your toilet to ensure that it’s completely open. Turn it to close it off and then turn it in the other direction to open it entirely. Try flushing the toilet again to test it.

If the whining continues, the problem may be the refill valve or flush valve. These both have washers and other small components where mineral buildups can wreak havoc. When operating correctly, the refill valve and flush valve work together to send water from the tank to the bowl through the valve seat when the toilet is flushed. This water transfer occurs when the toilet is flushed and continues until the tank is emptied and the float ball trips, allowing the tank to refill. If, however, any of these parts or their components is dirty or broken, it can’t do its job correctly. If water flow is restricted during this process, that telltale whine can result, annoying and frustrating homeowners. These parts don’t necessarily need to be purchased through a professional plumber, although a plumber will likely have them on their truck for a speedier fix.

If there is no visible issue with any of the valve’s components, the entire valve assembly may be damaged and need to be replaced. While small individual components like washers can be replaced, older toilet valves may need to be removed and replaced entirely because they have broken down over time. Call a local plumber if the whine persists and there is no obvious cause.

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