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If you suspect that you have a clogged sewer line, a professional plumber will likely run a small camera into the pipe to investigate the source of the pipe blockage. This video inspection is just the first part of the process. Once the sewer blockage is located, a technique known as sewer jetting can be used to remove the clog.

With sewer drain jetting a specialized water nozzle is inserted into the pipe and a concentrated blast of water is used to break up the clog and get water flowing normally again. Line jetting works on stubborn clogs from debris as well as routine build up that can occur in older pipes. If a foreign object has somehow found its way into the sewer line, this is likely your best bet to remove it safely. Regardless of what’s causing the sewer line blockage, hydro jetting can remove it quickly without the use of corrosive and dangerous chemicals.

Unlike a hose, that can just spray a weak stream of water to direct matter elsewhere, sewer line jetting uses a powerful stream of water to tear debris apart so it can be flushed out of the line. Like a pressure washer, the water line forces water out with incredible force (as much as 35,000psi) to tackle even the most stubborn clogs. A hydro jet line should only be used by an experienced plumbing professional to avoid causing injury or damage.

In residential applications, drain jetting can remove clogs caused by hair, invasive roots, sand, and silt. Commercially, it is typically used to get rid of grease and food build up.

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