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Who do you call when a pipe bursts?

burst pipe can wreak havoc on a home! Unfortunately, this situation is far more common than you might think. In the winter, it is easy to get a situation where a pipe freezes and bursts - especially if the pipe is running through or along an exterior wall. In fact, State Farm insurance estimates that approximately 50 million families in the US end up with a frozen pipe. No matter how new your home is, it is still susceptible to freezing pipes in the winter. However, old or worn pipes are at an even higher risk. Plus, with as cold as it was this winter, we saw even more frozen pipes than normal!

Steps for Dealing with a Burst Pipe

Frozen pipes can crack or burst, releasing a large volume of water into or under your home and causing damaging home flooding. Even a small crack can result in hundreds of gallons of lost water into areas where you really do not want water appearing like basements, home offices, bedrooms, kitchens and more! 

If you have a pipe burst, follow these steps immediately after discovering it to minimize damage:

  1. Position a bucket to catch leaking water, if possible.
  2. Turn off you main water supply to stop additional leaking water entering your home.
  3. Turn off the valve for your hot water heater if the water coming out is heated to avoid burning yourself.
  4. Call an emergency plumber to get the pipe fixed immediately.
  5. Document any damage that was sustained to your home or belongings for your insurance company.


Calling an Emergency Plumber

Who do you call when you have a burst pipe? Some homeowners may be hesitant to call a 24/7 hour plumber to come out because it costs more than having someone come out during regular business hours. However, when it comes to water damage, you do not want to waste time. Water damage costs can increase rapidly if you wait to have the issue fixed and cleaned up. If the pipe that burst is still partially frozen, it is even more important to use an emergency plumbing service to get the problem resolved before the ice melts and more water is allowed in.

Learn more about what kind of damage can result from a leaking or burst pipe.
Get information on why it is so important to fix home water damage right away.

Hidden Water Damage

If your burst pipe has caused a bulge in ceiling plaster or drywall, do not attempt to pop the bubble yourself with a broom or other instrument. Leave this to the plumbing professionals to handle, as puncturing the retaining layer will cause water to spill out and potentially harmful debris to come down on you and your belongings. A certified clean up crew can contain the collected water much more effectively, to avoid further cleanup later.

Find out how mold growth in your home can occur after water damage occurs.

If you have a frozen or leaking pipe, call USA Plumbing & Sewer today for help: 1 (800) 674-9130. We're here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

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