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What to do if Pipe Bursts in the Winter

broken pipe in the winter makes it more crucial to bring in a restoration company to get the affected area dried up because with a closed up house and cold temperatures, your house cannot dry out effectively on its own. Regardless of the season, you should follow these steps if a pipe bursts.

  • Turn off the Water Immediately

If you are home with someone else when a pipe bursts, have one person turn off the water while the other person attempts to catch the water in a bucket or other container.

  • Turn Off the Hot Water Valve

While it’s less common to have hot water leak than cold water, a burst pipe that’s running hot water can create a very dangerous situation because it can burn you while you try to get the leaking water under control.

  • Call an Emergency Plumber

Look up a local emergency plumber to come out and get the damage fixed and cleaned up. A professional will have the tools needed to get the job done quickly and effectively. Don’t waste time calling around to compare services. Just focus on getting someone dispatched right away.

  • Stop the Spread of Water

Use towels to keep water from spreading and try to get up any standing water as best as possible while you wait for emergency assistance.

  • Take Pictures

Take pictures of any damage that has occurred from leaking water before emergency crews begin their cleanup efforts. It’s important to take note of anything that was affected by the plumbing issue before anyone else comes in so that you have that information for your insurance company, renters, landlords, investors, co-owners, or other interested parties.

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