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What Does it Cost to Replace a Water Heater?

The cost to replace a water heater depends on the new model being installed. Installing a tankless water heater will typically cost about three times as much as having a traditional water heater installed. There can also be regional differences in prices when it comes to the labor associated with removing the previous water heater, installing the new one, and properly disposing of the old one.  In general, a water heater with a 40-50 gallon tank will run about $500-1,000, while a tankless water heater will be around $1,500-3,000. That cost just covers the price of the unit, independent from the labor needed to replace it. A local plumber will likely charge $300-600 for their services. For DIY minded homeowners, this kind of work might seem like an opportunity to save money on home improvements. However, the regulations around disposing of water heaters are nothing to ignore. It’s always best to utilize a professional plumber to ensure that you’re getting rid of your old water heater in a way that’s compatible with current rules and regulations. Additionally, an experienced plumber can also advise on what would be best for your needs and budget as well as help you get a fair deal on a new model.

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