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Understanding Kitchen Sink Installation Options

Having a new kitchen sink installed is a decision that involves a number of choices. While some kitchen sink options may be aesthetic in nature, others have a practicality component as well. If you’re thinking about a new kitchen sink installation, these are the elements you'll need to consider:


One of the most enjoyable parts of having a new kitchen sink installed is getting to choose the type of sink material.

Sinks come in many different types of materials, and while stainless steel might be the hottest trend right now, there are many other options to choose from as well. Copper, cast iron, and composite kitchen sinks are among the other popular choices these days. Rarer options include fireclay, glass, granite, and marble to showcase a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

When choosing a material, budget is obviously a consideration, but so is usage. While some sink materials require more upkeep to maintain their appearance, others are relatively maintenance-free. Do your research to understand what you’re getting yourself in for before falling in love with an unconventional sink. Ultimately, the sink should match the overall appearance of the kitchen and complement the rest of the home’s aesthetic while providing the functionality you need.


While some materials (like stainless steel or copper) only come in one color, others have hue variations to choose form as well.

In general, choosing a more neutral color for your new sink installation is always a better idea because it will continue to look timeless as it ages. Trendy colors may be in style now, only to look outdated quickly when the fads change. Additionally, choosing a quirky color can pose a problem if you end up selling your home because a flamboyant sink can turn off some buyers.


You will also need to choose between a single bowl or double bowl sink.

Single bowl kitchen sinks have a more vintage feel and are available in smaller sizes. If you have a compact kitchen or really like the retro look, a single bowl sink install is likely going to be the best option for your space. Their reduced dimensions and complexity often make them cheaper. As an added bonus, they’re also a little easier to clean.

Double bowl sinks come in a lot of different configurations, varying the size, shape, and depth of each bowl. The surrounding setup of your kitchen will determine which bowl should be larger or deeper (if you choose a variation that has unequal bowls). Additionally, individual needs will guide decisions regarding things like bowl depth. For instance, regular entertaining and large meal preparation typically necessitates a deep double bowl kitchen sink install.


Drop-in sinks and undermount sinks are the most common types of sinks, although apron front sinks are experiencing a slow resurgence.

Top-mount sinks are the least expensive variety of sinks and are much easier to install than other varieties. However, they are also more difficult to clean and lack the modern look of undermount sinks. New drop-in sink installations are usually the work of DIYers or kitchen re-designers on a budget.

Undermount sinks are the most common variety for a new sink install because they’re sleek and clean looking. They are also easier to keep clean because there aren’t sealed edges to get grime off of during use like with top-mount sinks. Depending on the material, however, undermount sinks can be far more expensive to purchase and install. Lighter sinks can be glued under the counter, whereas heavier materials may require supports to be installed. A professional plumber should always be used to install an undermount sink made of cast iron, fireclay, or any other dense material. Otherwise, the sink and even countertop can crack and collapse, posing a serious risk to people and pets.

Apron front sinks should always be installed by an experienced plumber because not only are they difficult to install under the right conditions, but the countertop and surrounding cabinets may need to be modified to fit the unit. A farmhouse sink installation is a great choice for a country feel or traditional kitchen design, but it shouldn’t be attempted without the right tools and experience level. A top-rated plumber can ensure that an apron front sink is and installed correctly to allow for maximum usability and minimize the chances of leaking or cracking.

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