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Plumbing Problems that can Lead to Yard Wet Spots

If you have a soggy area of your lawn, an exterior plumbing issue could be the culprit. An experienced plumber can tell you definitively if the wet area you’re seeing is as a result of a serious plumbing problem

Common Issues

The sloping of your lawn can cause wet areas to form anyplace where a bowl-shape occurs. In the spring when snow melts, or any time there’s heavy rain, wet spots can form. Similarly, large structures like garages and barns can divert normal water run off paths to cause pooling in unexpected areas. If these wet spots go away after the weather dries up, there’s probably nothing to worry about. However, if they linger or are accompanied by spongy ground, foul smells, or reduced water pressure inside your home, you may have an outdoor plumbing problem instead.

Plumbing Issues

Plumbing problems like broken sewer lines or cracked irrigation piping can cause water to pool in your lawn. Typically, these types of issues will lead to a sudden collection of water and can be accompanied by a gurgling or rushing water sound coming from underground. Turning off water at the shut-off valve can stop the influx of new water.

Pipes can break for a variety of reasons – tree roots, old age, landscaping mishaps, or ground tremors. Older homes are especially at risk for broken sewer lines because the materials used in the past to construct pipes are far less durable than what is used these days. Regardless of the cause, however, a licensed plumber can bring in the equipment to diagnose and repair the problem. Sewer line repairs are serious operations that require an experienced team working together to quickly restore your home to good working condition.

Lateral connections to the main sewer line may also break as a result of undue stress on the system coming from the sewer itself. While these may not be diagnosable after the fact, the damaged caused by them can be fixed with the right personnel. Our team of local plumbers can replace broken pipes to get water flowing normally again and clear up sitting water in your lawn.

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