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Is a burst pipe an emergency?

A burst pipe is an emergency situation, which means it will require the services of an emergency plumber! If you just found a burst pipe in your home, follow the steps outlined here.

Afterwards, call emergency plumbers to come out and take care of your burst pipe. They will ensure that the water is properly turned off, assess the situation, repair the pipe, clean up the mess and then take the proper steps to avoid mold growth. If you have local plumbers come out to your home and they do not do that, be sure to call certified water damage restoration experts to ensure that all work was done properly. You want to make sure that everything was dried out properly to prevent future mold growth.

Emergency Plumbing Services

While you may be accustomed to fixing other things in your home, plumbing is not something that you should mess with unless you know what you're doing and have the right tools to do the job correctly. Burst pipes can damage appliances, flooring, drywall and trim and belongings and this damage can compound the longer water is allowed to leak. Once water is turned off, the pipe should be fixed right away to restore normal operations to your home.

But aside from the damage to a home that leaking pipe can do, it can also pose a serious health hazard to you and your family in the following situations:

  • Hot water pipe bursts can easily cause burns if hot water is not turned off before addressing the leak.
  • Close proximity of a burst pipe to an electrical panel can cause electrocution as electrical current moves through the leaking and collecting water.
  • A burst pipe carrying grey or black water exposes anyone in contact with the water to harmful bacteria and waste.

Home water damage caused by leaking pipes and other common plumbing issues requires the services of professional restoration experts to prevent residential mold growth afterwards. Call our emergency plumbers at 1 (800) 674-9130 and we'll fix your plumbing problem right away! At USA Plumbing & Sewer Inc, we have local 24/7 plumbers ready to fix your burst pipes.

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