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One simple way to prevent kitchen sink clogs and backups it by avoiding putting grease, noodles, rice and fibrous or leafy vegetables down the garbage disposal/ drain as these can easily cause clogs and backups. If you have a badly clogged kitchen sink or garbage disposal, you may need to call an  emergency plumbing service to remedy the issue.
“Is my toilet leaking?” Well, there is a simple test you can do to check. Just put a few drops of food coloring into your toilet tank. Wait a few minutes and then look in the toilet bowl. If you see the water in the toilet bowl is the same color as the water in the toilet tank, then you've got a leak. A leak in your toilet could cause you to waste hundreds of gallons of water in a month! An expert plumber can diagnose the issue and perform your  toilet repair efficiently.
Any time that you see water where it’s not supposed to be, it is safe to assume there is a plumbing problem somewhere in your home. Other indications that there is a problem could include variations or drastic changes in water pressure, odors, etc. Even small leaks can cause big problems later on like property damage, mold growth and illness. If you notice a large amount of water, it is important to call in an  emergency plumbing service right away.
If one of your faucets has low water pressure, you should first check to see if the aerator is clogged. Clean your aerator, if you are still experiencing low water pressure in that faucet, there might be a bigger problem. Contact the local plumbers at USA Water and Fire Restoration, Inc. and we can assist you in identifying the problem. Our  expert plumbers can fix plumbing problems both big and small.
When water pressure and volume increases in the shower a failed pressure regulator is probably the problem. It would be best to have the pressure regulator replaced as soon as possible, please contact we are a  plumbing company that can get your problem solved right away.
There are several things that can cause low water pressure, including a partially closed or malfunctioning shutoff valve, a crimped water line, or deposits that gather in older galvanized pipes. If your neighbors have strong water pressure, the problem is most likely somewhere between the water meter and your home. Our team of plumbing experts at USA Water and Fire Restoration, Inc. can assist you in identifying the problem. We are the best local plumbers for the job!
Emergency plumbing issues can cover a whole multiple of problems but USA Water and Fire Restoration, Inc. most often handles larger issues such as blockage on laundry drain line, blockage on toilet drain line and leaks in water line before the shutoff valve. We have also handled emergency water issues associated with leaks in water line between the main shutoff into house and where the line splits to the various appliances and areas of the home. Our emergency plumbers also regularly deal with major leaks from toilets, sinks, washing machines, and other appliances. No matter what your issue is, give our after-hours plumbing staff a call today!
It is best to have a certified plumber come to your home and fix a leaky faucet or clogged drain because you simply may not know everything that a plumber knows. Plumbers are trained, highly skilled, and versatile craftsmen. They can install and repair pipes and plumbing fixtures, diagnose clogged-drain problems and solve all problems related to water systems in your building. Do-it-yourself solutions are great when they work, but your insurance policy may not cover flood losses if you make a mistake. Contact the  emergency plumbers at USA Water and Fire Restoration, Inc. and we can assist you in identifying and resolving the problem.

If you’ve tried plunging your clogged toilet with no success, you’ll need to give a local plumber a call to come out and resolve the issue for you. It’s possible that the clog has gotten more compressed by trying to plunge it, that it’s in a hard to reach area of you toilet plumbing, or that something else is causing the clog than just simply toilet paper and waste. If you know that something was put down the toilet that shouldn’t have been, calling a professional plumber should always be your first response. Don’t risk the functionality of your toilet by trying to plunge your way through a blockage caused by a dropped phone, watch, dog toy, diaper, feminine product, hand towel, or any other belonging. A plumber can also help determine if low water pressure or low water levels are contributing to your clogged toilet issues and provide a recommendation on how to fix these pesky plumbing issues.

A local plumber has the tools and experience needed to perform roto rooting services on toilets, sink drains, and shower drains. If water is backing up, you likely have a clog that needs to be resolved. Ignoring these kinds of problems allows them to get worse over time, often resulting in more costly fixes the longer you let them sit. While some homeowners try DIY solutions like pouring liquid cleaners down their drains, these caustic chemicals are harmful to both the homeowners themselves and their pipes. Liquid drain cleaners wear away at pipes, thinning them and making them more prone to breaks over time. Don’t damage your pipes, call a professional plumber to come roto root your pipes to get them back into good working condition. 

Depending on the severity of your pipe blockage, you may need an emergency plumber. Roto rooting will break up and remove blockages to get your water flowing normally again. While a clogged toilet or bathroom sink may not be an emergency if you have another bathroom that you can use until the issue is resolved, you can probably wait for a regular plumber to come out and roto root out the pipe. However, if the blockage is in your kitchen sink, or someplace in your only bathroom, it is a much more time sensitive issue. In this case, you’ll likely need an emergency 24-hour plumbing service, especially if the issue arises at night or over a weekend.

Understanding how to deal with a leaking shower depending on where the water is leaking from and what kind of shower it is. Typically, water leaking from a door seal, shower faucet, or other connection area can be repaired. However, water resulting from a cracked shower basin or shower insert may necessitate a shower replacement. A professional can identify the source of a water leak and make a recommendation on what to do next.

Obviously, no one wants to replace their shower if they don’t have to due to the cost involved in replacing a shower. However, there are certain shower issues that cannot be effectively repaired without risking continued leaking and water damage. Ultimately, a shower replacement, will still be less costly than dealing with the home water damage restoration and mold remediation that can result if a broken shower isn’t taken care of correctly.

A plumber can install a new shower, especially if you have already found the shower replacement that you want to use. If you need help selecting a new shower it may make sense to work with a home renovation company to find the right fit for your bathroom and your budget. It never hurts to talk to a local plumbing company to find out if they have any professional discounts that you can utilize or any professional affiliations with nearby home furnishings stores to guide you in the right direction with your bathroom remodel.

The level of difficulty when it comes to fixing a leaking shower is dependent on what the problem is. If caulking needs to be redone, this is a relatively minor problem that can often be undertaken economically by a homeowner in an afternoon. However, if the shower faucet is failing, this kind of fix is much more difficult to undertake because it requires specialized information about shower repair. Any time the water needs to be turned off and hardware needs to be removed, a plumber will be better equipped for this kind of work than the average homeowner. There may even be tools required to perform the fix that homeowners don’t have or can’t get because they’re only used by industry professionals. Tinkering with a plumbing problem can cause bigger issues down the road, including bathroom flooding. Don’t risk it. Call a professional plumber today!

Whether your shower faucet is leaking or the shower itself is leaky, a top-rated plumber can often fix the problem much more quickly than a homeowner doing it as a DIY project. As is the case with any plumbing project, a professional plumber will have the tools and experience needed to fix it right the first time. This is especially true when the problem is not easily identifiable. If water is dripping or pooling and the source isn’t known, or if the issue seems to be related to other plumbing issues, having a local plumber come out to assess the issue is always recommended. A plumber can determine what the cause of the leak is and identify any underlying issues before getting the problem quickly.

The nature of the leak will dictate what kind of plumbing tools are needed to fix it. While most relevant tools are available at your local hardware store, there are some tools that plumbers alone have access to (at least affordably). If you find a problem with your shower and aren’t sure that you have what you need to fix it, reach out to a top-rated plumbing company. Have a local plumber come out and fix it for you quickly so that you can get back to using your bathroom comfortably again.