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How to Fix a Running Toilet

Fixing a toilet that keeps running is usually relatively easy. It’s not usually necessary to call in a local plumber to fix this for you. However, if you also have water leaking from your toilet or overflowing in conjunction with the constant running, you may need the services of an emergency plumber.

Most often, a running toilet is a result of a stuck flapper. Flush arms that have chains to connect to the flapper can get tangled, preventing it from closing tightly (or at all), allowing water to keep running. This can result in costly water waste and can even overflow your toilet if it’s paired with a slow draining or clogged toilet. This is the first place to check if you have a toilet that keeps running. If the flapper is seated, ensure that it is not leaking water underneath. A Hissing or rushing sound can indicate that water is leaking underneath the flapper. Replacing a flapper is very easy. Simply turn off the shut off valve for the toilet and then disconnect and remove the flapper. Take it to your local hardware store and match it with a replacement flapper. At home reattach it according to the directions on the package and test it to ensure that it work properly.

If you see water dripping or spraying out of the fill mechanism tower when you look inside the tank on the back of your toilet, you have a leaky fill valve or fill tube. Replacing the housing can be tricky, so if you have never done this before, it’s best to call in a professional plumber to do the job and avoid water damage in your bathroom. Luckily, this isn’t nearly as common as problems with the toilet flapper.

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