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How Much Does It Cost to Install a New Toilet?

Like anything else that you have professionally installed, the cost of a new toilet installation includes both the price of the toilet itself and the labor involved. A professional plumber will typically charge $150-200 to install the toilet, and a basic toilet is usually around $100-200. That brings the total cost of the project to approximately $250-400.

Obviously, if you opt for a more sophisticated toilet model, the price will increase. Luxury toilets may include things like bidet features, heated seats, smart connectivity, and other bells and whistles. Many times, this sophistication not only increases the cost of the unit, but also the labor required to install it. If you’re looking for a really impressive toilet, expect to spend much more than a few hundred dollars. You may also have to find a specialized plumber to install it. If you have a particular toilet style in mind, let your local plumbing company know when you make the appointment to ensure that it’s a type of toilet that they’re able to install.

For homeowners that have other plumbing concerns (like a slow draining sink or dripping faucet) or question (like needing advice on whether a new shower should be installed soon), it may make sense to ask the plumber to take a look at those as well while he/she is at your home. This way, you can make full use of the trip charge and only pay for the additional hourly labor that’s needed to assess and fix those issues also. Just be sure to mention these items when making the appointment so that the local plumbing company can schedule accordingly for the extra time needed to look at these other items.

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