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Does Your Shower Need to Be Replaced?

Homeowners with leaking showers often wonder if they can be repaired or will need to be replaced entirely. Many shower problems are repairable by an experienced plumber; however, in some cases, a full shower replacement is advised. If you are experiencing any of these problems, you will likely need to have your shower removed and replaced:


Shower styles and materials can vary, but typically if the unit is cracking or pieces have fallen off, there is no way to ensure that water won’t leak. Unlike tiles that can be replaced, or seals that can be re-calked, a cracked shower pan or glass enclosure will need to be replaced. These issues are best addressed as soon as the damage is noticed to avoid compounding problems from water leakage.

Substantial Wear

Like anything else in your home, showers wear out over time. Regular use can lead to cosmetic differences like discoloration and scratches, as well as functional deterioration like creaking and leaking showers.

If the floor of your shower has a squeaky spot, that’s likely due to flexing of the cast material or sagging of the floor underneath. Replacing a shower can correct this issue by allowing the opportunity to stabilize the space and bring in an entirely new enclosure. Leaks are another hazard of using an older shower. Seals that once held water can become brittle and break down, allowing water leaks from shower seals. Sometimes these leaks are small beads of water that collect along edges and outside the shower, while other times significant water can start running out. Either way, a leaking shower need to be fixed before water damage occurs.

shower drain clog that causes frequent water backups to occur is not something that usually necessitates a shower replacement. However, a clogged drain is something that must be fixed by a professional plumber. Ensuring water can drain properly is essential for proper usage.

Mold Growth

Mold growth will require remediation, and as part of that process the shower may be removed and replaced to get to the source of the mold behind it. While mold removal can be costly, it is necessary to keep your family safe. Mold growth can happen very quickly and even a small amount of mold can make your home a dangerous place for family members. If you see black, blue, or green mold, or smell an ongoing damp musty smell, call an experienced plumber immediately. A plumber can look for a shower leak and determine if any mold has resulted.

If you’re on a budget, ask your local plumber what you can do to save money on the shower replacementProfessional plumbers are familiar with many types of shower options and can give a recommendation on what would work well for your space without breaking the bank. If you’ve never really liked your shower and always wanted something higher quality, this is your chance to get everything you want to make the space nicer.

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