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Do I Need a Plumber to Repair a Faucet?

Many times homeowners think they can fix their own faucets. Unfortunately, this can result in a more costly faucet repair later when a professional plumber is finally called in.

Unlike toilets, pipes, sump pumps, and other more intimidating plumbing fixtures, sink faucets look pretty simple. As a result, homeowners often think that they can tackle the job themselves. The reality is, however, that even armed with basic plumbing knowledge or a DIY help video, many problems can arise when trying to fix or repair a faucet. This is especially true when it comes to a broken sink faucet that’s connected to a garbage disposal or dishwasher drain mechanism. Individual sink mechanics can vary widely by make and model even before age is factored in. Older sink faucets may suffer from additional problems like chronic clogs, scale buildup, rust damage, and pipe weakening (especially if liquid drain cleaner has ever been used). These factors complicate issues, making it necessary to call in a licensed plumber.

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