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Can Homeowners Do Their Own Plumbing?

Homeowners looking for ways to save money on home repair and remodeling costs often wonder if they can do their own plumbing. While DIY plumbing is feasible for homeowners that have the right skillsets, many homeowners will find doing their own plumbing too daunting to begin (or finish after getting started).

When a licensed plumber is brought in after amateur work has been started, it’s usually more costly because all the work needs to be checked and, often, work needs to be undone and fixed to bring it up to code. Even when work is done to minimum code specifications, a professional plumber may need to redo DIY plumbing work to make room for planned future work. 

Local plumbers have the tools and professional connections needed to complete plumbing projects on time and on budget. They also have the know-how to file for applicable permits and abide by current building codes. Aside from the personal danger of working with plumbing home fixtures and the risk to damaging expensive home materials like flooring and cabinets, this is the biggest risk to home plumbing DIYers. Working on your own home without extensive knowledge of code requirements creates the possibility for fines or legal action down the road in the case of injury or home inspection. If you plan on doing any work in your home, research local building codes and file for work permits well in advance of the project to account for slow turnaround times on these critical documents.