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What Does a Tree Root Sewer Line Repair Cost?

When roots find their way into your sewer line, it can be very costly to remove them. Your options are to have the roots destroyed from inside using sewer rodding or sewer jetting or to have the section of sewer pipe replaced entirely. Obviously, the solution will depend on how extensive the root damage is and what kind of shape the pipe is in. Because it’s so difficult to say what the right kind of fix will be without seeing the affected area, it’s impossible to determine ahead of time how much it will cost to fix the problem. Typically, a licensed plumber will use a camera scope in the pipe to figure out what they’re dealing with before trying to fix anything.

In cases where there is an obvious sewer pipe leak, this may be unnecessary because it’s clear where the problem is (and a noticeable leak almost always indicates that the pipe needs to be replaced). The more pipe that needs to be replaced, the more expensive the project will be because it will require more labor and materials to finish the job.

In other scenarios, the roots blocking off your sewer pipe may be solvable from inside the pipe without any need for excavation. Less extensive blockages are less time consuming to fix, meaning that they will have lower labor costs than their more seriously clogged counterparts.

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